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What Does Your Pet Say About You?

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We put a lot of thought into the animal we let into our heart and home. After all, a pet is a big responsibility – and a big part of your life!

So when you finally choose between dog or cat, snake or gerbil…what does your decision suggest about you or your lifestyle? This compilation of studies by Scientific American MINDbreaks it down.

  • Ever heard someone say, “I don’t have pets of my own yet, but I grew up with cats/dogs/fish/wildebeests?” (Okay, probably not wildebeests?) That’s because pet ownership is more common for families and households with five or more members.
  • If you own a bird, you’re more likely to have an outgoing, expressive personality and live in California, Oregon, Washington or Nevada. Bird owners are also more likely to be unemployed.
  • Have a cat? Live in an apartment? Studies show that’s more likely. Cat owners are also more likely to be college educated, open to new experiences, neurotic, and less socially dominant.
  • Horse owners, interestingly enough, are likely to be socially dominant/aggressive if male and easygoing/nonaggressive if female.
  • Would you describe yourself as relaxed and unpredictable? You might be an ideal candidate for snake ownership. Snake owners are thought to be unconventional and novelty-seeking, as well.
  • Consider your pet part of the family? You may likely have a dog. You may also be extroverted, agreeable and conscientious and live with family members.

Of course, every pet owner is different. Do any of these stats ring true to you? Let us know in the comments!