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Under Warranty, Under Control: Ideal Customer Service

Posted by Ideal Pet Products on

It may be our favorite thing when clients send us photos of their dogs. Especially when those photos come with positive feedback about our customer service! (We aim to please, after all.) So when Ideal customer Tannah reached out to us about her experience, we simply had to share.

Tannah and her father, Mike, were having trouble with the latching magnets in their Ruff Weather Ideal Pet Door. Luckily, it was under warranty – so we quickly sent a replacement their way.

Upon receiving it, Tannah was kind enough to send us a thank-you email. “Just wanted to thank you for helping us out with the dog door. We really appreciate it. Not only do we really like having a good door for the pups, but our new puppy loves having a door of his very own (in fact, he rarely uses the main door when we go in or out with him).”

She then proceeded to attach a photo of her precious pooch, Copper. “I thought you might enjoy some puppy pics to brighten your day,” she said.

And you know what? We thought you might, too.

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