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Pet Product News Has Its Eye on Eyenimal’s SmartBloom Pet Fountain

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Of course, we know Eyenimal has excellent products – that’s why we partnered up with them, after all – but it’s always nice to have a little validation from outside sources!

SmartBloom Pet Fountain

Pet Product News featured Eyenimal’s SmartBloom Pet Fountain on its website this month, praising the fountain’s motion activation for encouraging pets to take a drink whenever they pass by. Some other great features?

  • Three modes of operation: continuous, periodic activation, and motion detection
  • Indicator lights alert you when water supply is dwindling or the filter needs replacing
  • Triple-action charcoal filter removes impurities and maintains fresh water rich in oxygen
  • Two adjustable water flow settings: waterfall or bubbling top
  • Super quiet (less than 25 dB)
  • BPA-free
  • 2-year warranty

Though it’s not currently available on our website, we’re looking forward to offering this product very soon. Stay tuned – and hydrated, too!

See the full article here.

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