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Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door is Named #1 Way to Let Pets Out a Screen Door

With warmer weather on the horizon, we’re all looking forward to getting fresh air through those screen doors and letting our pets enjoy the sunshine whenever they please. Many of us already have pet doors installed in our hardwood doors, but the summer months call for pet doors in screen doors. And which product did Pets Lady put first on its list “4 Ways to Let Pets Out of a Screen Door”? Our Perfect Pet by Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door!

To use this unique bestseller, you’ll first need a screen guard: a mesh guard that, when installed over your existing screen door, creates a sturdy mount for the pet door. “Customers with screen guards really like Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door, writing how easy it is to install and how sturdy it is.” And don’t worry – we’ve designed this door to maintain the integrity of your screen guard.

 Screen Door

Here are the features that earned this door five stars (from nearly 150 reviewers) on Amazon:

  • Flexible vinyl flap with magnetic closure
  • Comes in two sizes (medium and extra-large) that can accommodate pets weighing anything from 13 to 90 pounds.
  • As always, we provide a thorough installation video to make the process as easy as possible.

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