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​3 Teeth-Cleaning Tips for Pets

Your pet’s teeth should be taken seriously all year long. Periodontal disease (the most common clinical condition befalling dogs and cats) is 100% preventable – so there’s no reason your pet should suffer! Here’s how you can keep your furry friend’s smile in tip top shape.

Say cheese with hard cheese. 

Himalayan Dog Chews will not only will save your furniture if you’ve got a particularly mouthy dog breed, these sturdy bits of dehydrated yak cheese do a bang up job of getting grit off teeth – with no effort on your part!

Brush ‘em off. 

If you’ve got a younger dog, start him early with toothbrush sessions. Integrating this into your dog’s daily routine will fend off any dental problems down the road – and keep that puppy breath fresh, too! We love Whimzees brushes.

Go Greenies! 

Greenies Dental Treats are a fabulous dental chew for dogs. The vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar – and best of all, your pet will think they’re simply getting a tasty treat.

Particularly proud of your pet’s pearly whites? Let us know what you’ve done to keep ‘em healthy in the comments below!