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Run, Rover, Run! The safe way to let your dog run free

We've got a runner!

Letting your best friend run free off-leash with no stress is the ultimate goal for any dog owner. It’s pretty tempting to let them loose to play fetch if there’s no one around, but it’s important to have a few things in place first.

1. Basic training

It is extremely important that your doggo knows how to do all the simple things, such as sit, stay, or leave it, and be able to perform them in highly distracting environments. This will show that your pup will listen to you, no matter what.

2. Recall

Whether you call your dog’s name or use a whistling noise, your dog should be able to stop on a dime and come back to you before you ever decide it’s time to start letting them off leash. Practice makes perfect, as does building trust with your dog.

3. Time and place

Don’t take your dog off leash at inappropriate times and places. Make sure you obey all signs and rules that state your dog should be leashed up, and throw the clip back on if anyone around you seems uncomfortable.

4. Give them freedom at home

If your dog is just not the off-leash type, you can let them get their zoomies out off-leash anytime right at home in your own yard! Giving them the freedom to go inside and outside at home can help them get that independence they need.



Bought this to replace the one in our sliding glass door panel. Worked great, and our 4 huskies haven't destroyed it yet. Good solid product."

Posted by Wayne on June 8, 2023