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People love the Wall-Entry Pet Door (and you will too!)

Since its introduction, our Easy-to-fit "Wall-Entry" Pet Door has garnered enthusiastic feedback from a wide range of users.

Here's what actual customers are saying:

Easy installation: Many customers like Turner emphasized how easy it is to install the wall dog door. With clear instructions and a user-friendly design, even those who are not particularly handy have found the installation process straightforward and quick. As one customer noted, "It took me longer to take the old one out than install the new one!"

High-quality and durability: Users like Dave and Dawn have praised the through wall dog door for its excellent quality and durability. The door is designed to withstand even windy conditions without the flap coming loose, ensuring that your home remains insulated while providing your pet easy access in and out.

Customer satisfaction and service: Highlighting the company's commitment to customer service, Donnie mentioned the "A to Z first-class service" including fast shipping and handling, and a seamless ordering process. The responsiveness and attention to detail by Ideal Pet Products have clearly made a positive impact.

Functionality for pets: Our pet doors for walls have received applause not just from pet owners but from the pets themselves. As Chris puts it, his dog "loves it," and it has made life easier by eliminating the need to constantly open the door. The "Wall-Entry Pet Door" gives pets the freedom to move about as they please, which can be a relief for pet owners.

Aesthetic and fit: With a design that accommodates various wall thicknesses, such as those noted by users with 2x6 constructions, our wall doggie door not only fits well but also looks great once installed. It integrates seamlessly into a wide range of house aesthetics, maintaining functionality without compromising on style.

The freedom to install your pet door wherever you want: For many pet owners, installing a pet door in an existing door or slider track is not always a convenient or practical solution. The "Wall-Entry Pet Door" offers a versatile alternative by allowing doggy door installation in wall directly through an interior or exterior wall.

The “Wall-Entry" Pet Door from Ideal Pet Products stands out for its ease of installation, robust design, excellent customer service, and the freedom and convenience it offers to pets and their people. Whether you're looking to ease the life of your furry friend or simply seeking a reliable solution to your pet's outdoor access needs, this dog door for wall installation is a choice celebrated by many satisfied customers.