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It’s In the Stars: Pet Astrology

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Admit it: You’ve spent at least a few minutes researching your zodiac sign. Even if you don’t quite buy it, you can’t help being intrigued by those statements that are just soooo you.

But have you ever wondered if astrology has an influence on your pet’s personality, too? Below, we’ve broken down what the stars have to say about Furball’s special day.

    December 22-January 19

    A pet born under this sign wants to get stuff done. Disciplined and dedicated to the task at hand, we’d highly recommend putting these pets to work.
    January 20-February 19

    These air signs are inventive, intelligent, and value their freedom. They may not listen to you, but you can bet they understand you!
    February 20-March 20

    Sensitive and compassionate, this lovebug just wants a cozy bed to call its own and an owner to adore. Be gentle when training!
    March 21-April 20

    An Aries just wants to go. Life is meant to be lived, after all! These pets can be a handful, but their enthusiasm and energy will certainly keep things interesting.
    April 21-May 20

    These pets love food and comfort (and comfort food!). They dislike change and can be on the stubborn side.
    May 21-June 20

    Pets born under this sign love to play, have fun, and explore. Make sure you keep a lot of diverse toys around to keep this pet entertained!
    June 21-July 22

    These summer babies make loyal pets that care for their families above all else. Steadfast and sensitive, you can count on a Cancer cat or canine.
  • LEO
    July 23-August 22

    Strong, playful and fair, this pet is a natural-born leader. They can be tough to train – establishing your alpha role is particularly important with a Leo!
    August 23-September 22

    An excellent choice for first-time owners, pets born under this sign are easy to train/housebreak and they actually enjoy being groomed.
    September 23-October 22

    Libra pets aim to please. They enjoy relating to their surroundings and those around them, and will prefer sleeping near you.
    October 23-November 22

    Willful, stubborn and always curious, these intelligent pets can be a bit mischievous.
    November 23-December 21

    Outdoor adventure enthusiast? A pet born under this sign is your ideal companion; it loves action, challenges, and freedom.

Do these accurately describe the pets in your life? Let us know in the comments below!