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Is your dog secretly judging you?

A dog’s best friend

Studies show that having a dog is good for your health. It increases physical activity and has mental health benefits. Having a dog even reduces the chance you’ll get dementia.

But are you good for your dog?

Now we all know that cats have opinions of how well they’re being treated. But dogs are a different story. All that wagging might be masking their true feelings.

So, let’s find out. Are you good for your dog? Take this quiz.

Are you your dog's best friend?

1. How often do you talk to your dog?

A) All the time. Maybe too much.

B) Almost every day.

C) Rarely or never.

2. Can you identify your dog’s non-verbal cues?

A) I can tell which bark is “I’m hungry” and which bark is “Play with me!”

B) Sometimes, it’s a guessing game, but we can usually get there.

C) I don’t speak dog!

3. Do you engage in physical activities with your dog?

A) Yes, regularly (walks, playtime, etc.).

B) Occasionally.

C) No, not really.

4. How does your dog react when you say “walk” or “outside”?

A) Absolute craziness. I have to spell those words.

B) They cordially walk up to me with an excited expression on their face.

C) Can my dog even hear me?

5. How does your dog socialize with other dogs?

A) Play fighting, various sniffing, and tag; they’re a social butterfly.

B) Sometimes they can fit in. Other times, they aren’t feeling it.

C) They don’t like meeting new dogs and would rather be at home.

6. How often does your dog seek affection and attention?

A) My dog is like a shadow that I trip over all the time.

B) My dog will sometimes ask for pets, but it is usually fine on its own.

C) I only see my dog when it’s time for a meal.

7. How is your dog's mood? (tail wags, zoomies, etc.)

A) Non-stop tail wagging and zoomies.

B) Generally cheerful with occasional bursts of energy.

C) Might be time for a pep talk... or treats!

Here’s the results

Mostly A: The ultimate BFF! You’re winning at pet parenthood. You’re a significant source of joy and relaxation for your pet. You not only provide companionship but also actively contribute to their well-being. Keep cherishing these moments!

Mostly B: A feel-good friend. You’re a comforting presence in your pet’s life. While you might not be in tune with all their emotions, you bring them smiles and occasional belly rubs. Look for even more feel-good moments together!

Mostly C: Room to grow. You might not currently play a huge role in your pet’s life, but there's always room to deepen your bond. Consider spending more quality time together to enhance the benefits of pet companionship.