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Did Our EZ Pass Door Ace the Beta Test?

Posted by Ideal Pet Products on

At Ideal Pet, we want to make sure our stuff is truly working for our customers – and their pets, too! That’s why we sent our newest product, the EZ Pass “Radio Frequency” Electronic Pet Door, all the way to Robert Baker in Wisconsin for some good old-fashioned beta testing.

We wanted Robert’s honest opinion about this product.

So what’d he think?

  • Installation
    “The installation process was extremely easy and took less than 10 minutes total. That included taking everything out of the box.”
  • Functionality
    “I like the outside lip (especially the top) that will deflect some of the elements such as rain /snow, the blinking green light to show that the door in ready for use, and the fact you can override the door and leave it in the ‘unlocked’ position.”

Bonus: he sent us these pictures of his adorable dog testing out the door. We think she likes it, don’t you?