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All About Bunnies

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Did you know February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month?

No? Neither did we!

We spend a lot of time focused on dogs and cats, but in honor of this occasion we thought it would be fun to learn a bit more about these long-eared critters – and why a bunny just might be our new favorite pet.

  • They’ve basically taken an adorable vow of silence. Value your quiet time? A puppy probably isn’t for you. A bunny, on the other hand, rarely makes a sound –making it the perfect pet for a peaceful home (or an apartment with fussy neighbors).
  • They’re totally trainable. More so than cats, we might argue. Not only can your rabbit use a litterbox; she can do tricks and even run through obstacle courses.
  • They’ve got real personalities. Think all rabbits hop alike? On the contrary. Each bunny has a distinct demeanor and disposition. Before you take one home, spend a little time with him to ensure you mesh.
  • They practice good hygiene. Once litterbox-trained, your bunny will keep it clean with frequent grooming. All you need to do is provide clean bedding, a designated potty place, and a couple brushings per week.
  • They’ll love you…for a long time! Not only do bunnies bond with their owners, they can also live about as long as average dog – unlike most smaller animals. You can expect about ten years of cuddle time with these little guys.

Oh, and one more thing: BUNNIES ARE SUPER CUTE. So. There’s that.