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5 Reasons We Love Our Pets

Posted by Ideal Pet Products on

Did you know? May is National Pet Month! While we’re generally partial to commemorating special occasions with cake, we decided a more feasible way to celebrate furry friends with our far-away customers was to make a list of reasons we love our pets – plus adorable photos. So, without further adieu…

  • Pets are cuddly.
    A fluffy cat is essentially the equivalent of a heated blanket. And you don’t have to worry about getting too toasty – a simple scratch on the tummy will have it gone in no time.
  • Pets don’t judge.
    Your dog is the only person (animal…no, person) who will never disapprove of you honoring a three-day weekend by lying on the couch, not showering, and binge-watching literally anything on E!.
  • Pets keep secrets.
    Okay, so you weren’t really sick when you called into work. You weren’t actually the reason Brad & Angelina split. You can’t exactly speak French. Your cat has heard you tell many lies like these – but she’s far more likely to kill a rat than rat you out.
  • Pets > wifi.
    Forgot to pay your internet bill? No batteries in the remote? No problem! Your pet will happily entertain you – for free – all day long. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious (and slightly cruel), just slap some booties on its paws, sit back, and start laughing.
  • Pets don’t discriminate.
    You know when you try merging friend groups and you’re super nervous because you don’t know if everyone’s going to get along? When you’re introducing a new friend to your pup, you needn’t worry – Fido’s practically guaranteed to get along with everyone.

If we’re being honest, five isn’t enough – there are millions of reasons we love our pets. We’d love to hear why you love yours! Drop us a line in the comments section.