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3 ways to prepare your pup for summer activities

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There are no better words to hear when heading to a bar, restaurant, or event. Taking our pals to places we love can be a great time for all.

Here are 3 ways to prep your pup for summer fun

1. Schedule a checkup.

Before you go out — especially around other dogs — make sure your best friend is ready to pawty. They should be in good health, have current flea and tick meds, and be up-to-date with their vaccinations.

2. Understand your dog's behavior.

It is important to know what it looks like when your dog starts to become anxious, protective, or fearful. Have an exit plan in place if your dog starts having a ruff time. (It's also a good idea to only take them to places you know they will enjoy. Forcing them to be on good behavior in a highly stimulating environment might not be the best course for you or your doggo.)

3. Get the zoomies out first.

Before you head anywhere with your dog, it’s best they get some exercise. This way, they will be more calm and willing to listen to directions. Take them on a quick walk or let them use their doggie door to get outside and burn some energy.



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Posted March 27, 2023