VIP/VPP Vinyl Door Seals and Extensions - Each Cut & Shipped In 2 Pieces*

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For Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Doors/Door Seals and Extension 6 Pcs.

For 78”  - Door Seals and Extension are 80 3/8” long*

For 94” – Door Seals and Extension are 95 3/8” long*

*Important Note: Door Seals and Extension are cut in half and packed as 2 pieces each for shipping requirements.

How to measure your Ideal Pet

To determine the correct size door, simply measure the width (A) and height (B) of your pet.

(A) Measure the widest point of your pet's shoulder.

(B) Measure from the top of your pet's back (just behind their head) to the bottom of chest.

Pet door models have different size openings. Just make sure your new pet door's opening is both wider and taller than your pet's measurements to ensure they can comfortably pass through.

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    Posted by eric burkey on 1st Sep 2017

    I bought the original product at a home depot and it was messed up so i bought the replacement part online. When it arrived 2 or so days later, it came as two pieces rather than one whole piece as originally bought it. I now have to find a way to cover the visible crack on the door extension.

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    Original part was not cut in half!

    Posted by Darrell on 27th Jun 2017

    Was upset when I receive the product. Original door had a full piece that went from floor to top of the doorjamb. When this one sent to me was cut in half for shipping purposes. I don't like that I have to use two pieces to make up for what one piece did from the original install and packaging and leaves a seam in the center of it. Makes for a crappy install. So I am not satisfied with this purchase at all

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    2 sections at 47" length

    Posted by Edwin on 24th Oct 2016

    Door seal arrives in 2 sections at 47" length each Total of 6 pcs