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Small Size Cat Flap 6-1/4 X 6-1/4" FLAP Has Solid LEXAN™ Plastic Flap/Plastic Frame. Also Fits Deluxe Cat Flap and Small Pet Flap Models.

How to measure your Ideal Pet

To determine the correct size door, simply measure the width (A) and height (B) of your pet.

(A) Measure the widest point of your pet's shoulder.

(B) Measure from the top of your pet's back (just behind their head) to the bottom of chest.

Pet door models have different size openings. Just make sure your new pet door's opening is both wider and taller than your pet's measurements to ensure they can comfortably pass through.

  • 5
    pet door assembly

    Posted by Paul Baird on 3rd May 2024

    This will suffice for the other products in the order. Really good design, but after a few thousand exits and entrances it needed replaced. The screw set didn't fit the unit, but otherwise, a great product.

  • 5
    Perfect replacement

    Posted by Wayne Johnson on 22nd Apr 2021

    We bought our home in 2009 in CA that had a pet door that was missing. No idea how long it had been gone, but finally decided to find the part online. Fortunately, your company had it's name on the frame, so that made things easy to order. It arrived, great instructions and perfect fit. It is sure nice to see a company stay in business and keep replacement parts in stock.

  • 5
    Perfect fit.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2021

    We ordered this replacement door after 17 years of heavy use. The seal around the edges had worn off. Shortly before the apocalyptic freeze hit Texas, we received the new one. The flap door was extremely easy to install and made a huge difference in temperature. Thank you so much!

  • 5
    Exact fit

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2020

    My daughter bought a house and the flap was missing this one works great

  • 5
    A perfect fit!

    Posted by Dave Ussery on 2nd May 2018

    I ordered the door as a replacement for the original that somehow went missing years ago. The new door fits perfectly and looks great.

  • 4
    Will last a lifetime

    Posted by Paul on 23rd Feb 2018

    if you have only one cat. My guys are so used to the pet door that I measured the leap that one little girl made from the porch surface directly through this model flap - 7.5 ft.! That door finally lost its magnet to who knows where, then one side of the weather stripping fell off. But considering its constant abuse, I couldn't blame it. If my little fur balls didn't break the surface then it's virtually unbreakable. Just wish that magnet didn't come out.

  • 5
    Easy to install

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2017

    Thanks for making the flap replaceable so I didn’t have to buy the whole kit again.