Plastic Replacement Outside Frame

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Plastic Outside Frame. Designed For Door With Round Logo With Rivets On Metal Bar On Vinyl Flap.

How to measure your Ideal Pet

To determine the correct size door, simply measure the width (A) and height (B) of your pet.

(A) Measure the widest point of your pet's shoulder.

(B) Measure from the top of your pet's back (just behind their head) to the bottom of chest.

Pet door models have different size openings. Just make sure your new pet door's opening is both wider and taller than your pet's measurements to ensure they can comfortably pass through.

  • 1
    Wrong Part Shipped

    Posted by Dave Hyatt on 29th May 2018

    Part is to wide. Seems like it’s for an insulated door and I have a non insulated door. I would like to get the correct part if possible. We'll Make It Right! Please Call Us Toll Free at: 1-800-378-4385 or Email: Hours : Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST (excluding weekends & holidays)

  • 4
    It finally arrived

    Posted by David Fritsche on 15th Oct 2016

    I've been using this same product for years and have replaced the flaps many time. This time the back frame was too wide and unusable and it was all packaged in a envelope way too small for the product. So whoever packaged it just taped over the end to keep everything inside and I can't get the tape off. Someone in shipping got a bit lazy this time.

  • 3
    patio window

    Posted by carrie on 24th Aug 2016

    Everything I order was great but when I called to see what I needed the customer service rep didn't tell me the frame is 1" which I don't understand when the door is 1/2 inch thick now I have to figure out how to cut it down when I spent over $70. replacing everything. Not happy

  • 5
    excellent part

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2015

    Perfect replacement part for original door.