Plastic Replacement Magnet Retainer Bar

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Plastic Bar With Magnets Allows Flap Bar To Seal At Bottom. Designed For Door With Round Logo With Rivets On Metal Bar On Vinyl Flap/Plastic Frame In A Fast-Fit Patio Door Or Aluminum Modular Patio Door.

How to measure your Ideal Pet

To determine the correct size door, simply measure the width (A) and height (B) of your pet.

(A) Measure the widest point of your pet's shoulder.

(B) Measure from the top of your pet's back (just behind their head) to the bottom of chest.

Pet door models have different size openings. Just make sure your new pet door's opening is both wider and taller than your pet's measurements to ensure they can comfortably pass through.

  • 5
    Replacement magnetic bar

    Posted by Brandon on 10th Jun 2024

    Not sure how my dogs ended up breaking the old bar, but the new one snapped in easily and works just like the original piece.

  • 5
    Door magnet

    Posted by Todd Bradrick on 11th Feb 2024

    Easy to install and now door works like new.

  • 5
    Replacement Magnet

    Posted by David H on 13th Jan 2024

    Installed easily and did what it's supposed to

  • 5
    Replacement piece for my doggy door

    Posted by Erna Monreal on 20th Nov 2023

    I was very pleased to know that I could just replace a small part for my X-Large Doggy Door instead of having to purchase another whole doggy door.

  • 5
    Magnetic Bar

    Posted by Kenneth on 17th Sep 2023

    Perfect fit.

  • 5
    Magnet bar

    Posted by Julie P on 1st Sep 2023

    This has been a great addition to our flap! The way our house and this door are positioned we get a lot of wind and it's hard to keep the AC or heat from escaping. The extra weight plus the stronger magnets have been super helpful.

  • 5
    Re: Replacement Bar

    Posted by Tim on 27th Aug 2023

    A little difficult to replace and our doggie door is looking brand new again!

  • 5
    Who let the dogs out !!

    Posted by Bob Crosson on 20th Jul 2023

    The ideal pet door is great !! we've had it for over 10 years and still working great. when i do need parts, they are only two days away.

  • 5
    Perfect replacement

    Posted by Carrie Eberhardt on 5th Jan 2023

    Everything fit perfect.

  • 5
    Magnetic strip for Doggy door

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2023

    It was nice to find replacement part and didn’t need to buy a new Doggy door. Magnetic stripe works as good as original