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E-Cat Pet Door

E-Cat Solid LEXAN™ Plastic Flap/Plastic Frame.
Flap Size:
E-Cat 7"x9" 

Ideal Pet’s e-Cat™ Electromagnetic Cat Door

The e-Cat™ Electromagnetic Cat Door by Ideal Pet was created with your pet's safety and exploratory nature in mind. With the magnetic collar feature, the cat door can only be accessed by your pet, ensuring easy and regulated entry. If you have more than one pet, extra collars can be obtained separately for use in multi-pet households.

  1. e-Cat™ Electromagnetic Cat Door has a durable plastic frame that can fit a wide range of door thicknesses, making it suitable for various door types (from 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" in thickness). 
  2. Ensures safety and security by restricting access to the cat door by other pets or animals. 
  3. Offers easy and convenient access to your pet, allowing them to move in and out of the house without the need for human intervention. 
  4. Offers visibility to your pet, making it easy for them to see what's outside before going through the door.
  5. Provides flexibility in the cat door placement, allowing you to install the cat door either inside or outside of your house. It’s suitable for all types of homes, whether you have a small apartment or a big house with a yard. 
  6. Saves you time and effort in installation. It is easy to install and comes complete with the necessary hardware and instructions included in the package. It’s possible for you to install the cat door by yourself without the need for professional help.