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Save on Energy Costs

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Stay cool. Save money!

Our pet doors are a smart investment all year-round, but especially in the summer. Keep your pets cool and save money on your electric bill with our pet doors!
Here are three great solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Ruff-Weather™ "Alarm Alert" Pet Door

Our Ruff-Weather™ "Alarm Alert" Pet Door is designed to withstand all climates and seasons. The double flap feature is designed to be incredibly durable and energy efficient, and your pets can enjoy fresh air while keeping warm in the winter months. With the quality of a luxury door, this product is worth every penny without taking up much space.

Wall Entry Pet Door

Our Wall Entry Pet Door is the perfect choice for a DIY project. You'll love how easy it is to install yourself. No extra wall kits necessary! Our pet door has been created with a structural foam plastic frame, double flexible clear vinyl flaps and an air lock for maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

AirSeal™ Pet Door

Our AirSeal™ Pet Door features dual pane LEXAN® hard panels with an air gap that’s strategically placed in-between for maximum energy efficiency and wind resistance. The flap was also created with innovative design to keep your pet's ears, paws, and tail safe and unharmed. And if you’re searching for a pet door that is easy to install, has easy maintenance, and provides maximum durability - this is your perfect choice!