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In, out, in, out. Drives you crazy.

They want out. Then they want in.

Out, in, out, in. For most pet owners, this repeats about a hundred times a day. It drives you crazy. That is, until you get a Wall Entry Pet Door from Ideal Pet Products.

(I installed one in my house a few weeks ago. And now everyone is happy.)

We talked to a few customers about their purchases. Here are the top three reasons they love the best-selling Wall Entry Pet Door:

1. It's simple to install. You don't need professional experience. And the door comes complete with all hardware and a step-by-step guide.

Posted by Rony on June 26, 2022
I had a slide dog door before installing this one and quite frankly, I don't understand the hesitation and fear of cutting a hole in my wall to the outside. Once I accomplished the project, I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. Installation with this system was super easy and with the guided video, that's just the cherry on top. Thank you for a great system.

2. It's built to last. The heavy-duty weather-resistant construction ensures it will be in service for years to come.

Posted by Dawn on June 26, 2022
THANK YOU so much for the new pet door!
1. Shipping was EXTREMELY FAST, delivered on a SUNDAY morning!
2. THANK YOU for the "newer easier design" for installing!! I purchased the same one in 2008 (14 years ago) and it had long bolts to connect outside and inside panels. WHAT a PAIN to install!! This new one slipped right in the previous cut-out!! It took me longer to take the old one out than installing the new one!!
3. Thanks for the COOL collar!
Regards and THANKS again for your A+ quality and excellent customer service!! CHEERS!

3. You get Ideal Pet's one-year warranty.

Posted by Dave H on July 2, 2022
The Ideal Pet Products doggie door is excellent quality. The price is very good for the quality you get, plus free shipping. We received ours within just a few days after placing our order. We received shipping confirmation and a tracking number the day after we placed our order. We installed our door in a 8-1/2" thick wall with Stucco on the outside. Installation went perfect with the instructions, which were super easy to follow. All of the templates were perfect. We are extremely happy with our purchase. And our dog loves her door!! Thank you!!