Plastic-Old Style Replacement Outside Frame — While Supplies Last!

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Plastic Outside Frame. Designed For Door With Rectangular Logo With Smooth Metal Bar On Vinyl Flap.



How to measure your Ideal Pet

To determine the correct size door, simply measure the width (A) and height (B) of your pet.

(A) Measure the widest point of your pet's shoulder.

(B) Measure from the top of your pet's back (just behind their head) to the bottom of chest.

Pet door models have different size openings. Just make sure your new pet door's opening is both wider and taller than your pet's measurements to ensure they can comfortably pass through.

  • 5
    Replacement outside plastic frame

    Posted by Yvonne RITCHIE on 11th Nov 2020

    This door is used by 2 medium sized dogs and a cat They blast in and out all day this door seems to hold up very well but they no longer make this size door so we purchased extra parts

  • 4
    Good Replacement

    Posted by Steven Rouchleau on 7th Aug 2020

    I'm glad they still make parts for this pet door. We've had this old style pet door for years, I keep extra parts handy for when the time comes I need to fix it. Although delivery time is reasonable, A broken pet door equates to a whole in the wall

  • 3
    not needed part

    Posted by john dennison on 26th Jul 2018

    I called the phone # @ ideal aboutt the products and what I needed. I remembered some kind of beauty ring on the outside. A few years ago the door got kinda trashed when a german shepherd tried to come thru the door. Anyway after talking w/someone with ideal and explaining things that I had a old style pet door. he said I needed, or maybe he did not tell me I did not need this part with my situation, cant recall for sure,an outside frame to go w the inside frame ,and I got the flap bar. And, ok, he said I needed 2 3-packs of the screws.well 2.50 for 3 small screws... I winced but went ahead and got the 6, 2 3-packs for 5bucks. of course when the stuff arrived, outside frame was a puzzle to me May be it is for a thru door cut into a door I dont know. Called ideal again and realizing your policy is no returns if I ordered the wrong thing, and this time the person was really helpful... and also I could understand him more clear. the first call had alot of background noise. AS soon as I said I had the rectangular logo he said the outside ring wasn't needed and what I see on the outside is correct as it is. He offered to, I think, to refund or credit... cant remember. I just said after I paid the shipping It just wasn't worth the trouble and that I would just eat it . otherwise all is good. My slider door is kinda tight in the new outside frame but I can deal with that Any way thanks