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GIVEAWAY: Ideal Pet National Dog Day Photo Contest!

Ideal Pet National Dog Day Photo Contest

National Dog Day is August 26th! We are celebrating with a HUGE giveaway, and all you have to do is take a photo of your furry friend using their Ideal Pet door for a chance to win.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Snap a cute photo of your dog using their Ideal Pet door.
  2. Upload the photo or post it to social media and tag #IdealPetProductsGiveaway.
  3. Last day for submissions will be on National Dog Day: August 26th!
  4. Winners will be picked at random and announced on social media once contacted.


FORCEFIELD Outdoor Pet Fence The Forcefield Outdoor Pet Fence gives your pet the freedom to run free within a boundary that you have set. Provide a happy and safe environment for your pet without the need for restrictive ropes or walls.


Outdoor Bark Control The Outdoor Bark Control of EYENIMAL looks like a lantern design, with an anti-bark system very efficient using ultrasound. Designed for outdoor, it will train your dog (or the neighbor's) not to bark. Safe and effective for all sizes and breeds of dogs.


It's a Dog's Lite

  • Complete set of two (black and red)
  • Attaches easily to your dog's collar
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Long lasting, super bright
  • Batteries included


By submitting your photos or tagging #IdealPetProductsGiveaway, you are giving Ideal Pet Products permission to use your photos on social media with credit.