Happy Customers

Happy Customers


Several days ago, my wife Sophia and I spoke with Janice about some questions re: your doggy patio doors.  We have used your pet doors for many years with a number of different dogs we have had.

We absolutely love your products and recommend them to everyone.  We have been surprised as to the amount of people who are unfamiliar with your products as they are really very good and practical pet doors.

We also want to complement Janice on the great customer service she provided to us.  Janice was very knowledgeable about the products, was very patient and understanding as she took time to listen to our questions and issues we were dealing with.  She then made some suggestions for us and those suggestions solved the issues we had. Janice was pleasant, courteous and made our experience in dealing with your company very pleasant and positive.

Thank you so much for the great products and in having such a great customer service representative as Janice to assist us.

Thanks again,


Randy and Sophia, California

​I want to say THANK YOU for the replacement parts you sent. It is rare to find a company that stands behind its products like yours. I really appreciate the integrity with which your company is run.

I believe that a company is only as good as its customer service and the way it takes care of its customers. Your company is a great and I will continue to buy products you sell.

My cat and I say thank you! We wish you and your staff many years of success!


Irene, California

​I just wanted to say how happy I am to do business with Idea pet.  I ordered replacement parts on 9/20 and received 9/24 and I live outside of any fast mailing service.  Part was easy to install, customer service was outstanding,( I called and talked to a young gent that answered questions very well). My experience with Ideal pet has been outstanding!

Good job!

Leslie, Oregon

​Good afternoon,

This week we finally had to replace our Ideal Dog Door. We bought our original door in 2011 which was an extra large three panel door. We have 6 guard dogs (we live way out in the country) each weighing over 90 lbs. All of them go in and out our dog door at least 20 times per day. We have been able to replace the panel, but sadly this time, one of the dogs went through the door and took the door with her around her middle. 

You guys have an incredible product and we thank you for making a product that actually lives up to what it is suppose to do.

We appreciate being able to purchase replacement parts when necessary and not have to reinvent the wheel when something breaks. We marvel at how many times our dogs go through the door and how well it has held up to the abuse our furry friends put it through.

Again, our thanks for making a wonderful product and standing behind that product and for not changing it so it can be repaired when necessary.

You have very loyal customers with us and we recommend your dog doors to any of our friends who are looking to put in a dog door.

Anna and Bob

Anna and Bob, Arizona


Janice, thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it! We love our VIP insulated dog door, it’s the nicest and most effective one we have found, so we’re happy to be able to buy the right replacement parts as necessary. This has been a great experience due to the awesome customer service provided by you and I will order again from you in the future.   I hope you can pass that along the owner too :-)

Thank you again,

Katie June, Florida

I just installed your modular pet patio door and it is wonderful.

Excellent quality and extremely easy installation.

Thanks for a great quality product.

Michael, Florida

Thank you so much!!! I will definitely recommend your company to all of my friends with pets. Your customer service is wonderful. That is so rare these days.

Lelia, Atlanta

I just wanted to thank you for improving the quality of life for me and my cats. I have an unheated porch that the cats love to go in, but when the cold weather comes I am a doorman, when they don't want to come in and I want to go to sleep it was torturous. Your doors have given us all freedom, with out a draft. They are in and out all day. I had another brand before this but they would not use it, yours is perfect. I already added one in my glass panel door and bought another so they don't accidentally get locked in my attic. Thank you so much for your great product.

Mary, New York

​You certainly have a wonderful company that stands behind its products. That's very rare to find these days. I have been a business owner since 1969 and I really appreciate the honor and integrity with which your company is being run.

I have always believed that a company is only as good as its customer service and the way it takes care of its customers. Your company is a shining example that there are still good companies out there. Congratulations and many more years of success to you!

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it, and my kitty is sending you a big hug! 

Barb, Nevada

​Great door, Super XL, after two Great Danes and eight years of use, and two Hurricanes I finely had to change a part and it wasn't the flaps. Could not ask for betterand I did not mention how helpful your employees were.                                                                                         

Thanks again

Martin, Louisiana

​I called to order the parts for the VPP Vinyl Pet Patio Door and Jason was most helpful getting me what I needed. I got the instructions off the Internet and watched the videos on your website.

Your Customer Service link. Janice was the one who replied back and "stayed with me" through this whole project. There were NUMEROUS emails back and forth including picture attachments and consultations she had with Fernando.

They were all happy to help.

My doggies and I thank you and your staff very much!

Alan, Nevada

Just wanted to say thanks. I purchased a replacement flap for my patio glass door pet insert. It fit perfectly and was able to replace in a matter of minutes. I'm just so pleased to have that fixed at such a reasonable price. This was purchased on line so I had reservations... but it's perfect. I thank you and my little Molly thanks you too.

Lindy, Connecticut

​It is hard to find superior products in today's world...not so with your doggy doors. Bought my first doggy door in 2002 for my first pet beagle-Charlotte who has passed away a year ago. Your doggy door has been through a lot of wear and tear with a total of 7 dogs using it through the years. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product! Most of all I wanted to say...thanks for letting the dogs out throughout the years!

Susie, Mississippi

I just wanted to take a minute to say how amazing your customer service is!! I have had to replace a couple of parts on 1 of our dog doors. We have 2 labs and have 3 of your dog doors. The dog doors themselves have held up in amazing condition thru 2 lab puppies who are now 12. I have only had to replace the flaps a couple of times due to high traffic.

Recently I've needed a little bit of extra help because I didn't know exactly what to "call" the pieces I needed. I may as well have been speaking “Greek” when your fabulous reps answered my call. Janice was able to get me the right parts the 1st time with descriptions from me that included "white plastic things", and "that thing that fits there" (helpful I was not.......) this time Dale and Janice were able to help me with a draft seal. Both times these Reps were so kind and helpful. Janice never gave up on me even with my unclear descriptions.

These days when most companies have outsourced all of their customer service, IDEAL PET not only has knowledgeable people answering the phones they also have kind people willing to help who genuinely care, which sadly, is such a rare thing.

Thank you IDEAL PET!! If no one else says this to you today I will.........

You are AWESOME!!

Roxanne, California


I just installed my Medium Ruff Weather Dog door (7¼" X 13") and I want to thank you for the great videos in YouTube that helped me to put it in without any trouble.

Thanks for your help.


José, California

​Great company to do business with and I will continue to purchase your products when needed, as I have purchased in the past.

Denis, Colorado

​I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I just received my replacement Premium XL Draft Stopper pet door in the mail today. It's such a refreshing experience when you come across a company that truly stands behind  their products.

By the way... this is the best designed pet door i have ever owned..and I have owned several different models.

Thanks again,

Rod, Illinois


I just want to  compliment you on your great product. About 12 years ago, I had the deluxe aluminum door installed for my dogs. It was one of the best things I ever did for my dogs! My dogs go in and out on their own and don't have to be stuck outside in the heat or cold whenever I wasn't home.

Just recently the flap stopped catching the Magnet Retainer Bar and I couldn't figure out why. I thought there was too much dirt under the bar and tried to clean it but that didn't fix the problem. Then I thought that maybe it was due to the flap shrinking because there were gaps on the sides between the flap and the frame. Why not after 12 years of use?!

I ordered a replacement flap and it fixed the problem! It's like having a brand new doggy door! The flap is so clear like glass and I can actually see though it!

Being able to order the replacement flap for the older model was so easy and I appreciate all the information you provide so that we order the correct part. I was afraid I would going to have to buy a whole new door because parts would not be available for such an old model. So here's to next 12 years of use!

Thank you for making such great products!

Sophia, California


I just wanted to pass on some feedback on your new style Deluxe Aluminium dog door. We have had the dog door for about 5 years now... and I have only just replaced the flap (it had been slightly chewed). The door is fantastic, we have 5 huskies, many from puppy stage (hence the chewed door). The door puts up with great abuse from the dogs throwing themselves through it at dinner time... have just replaced the door which was so easy to do. Can't be happier about the product, its lasted really well!              


Caroline, Australia

​I really appreciate a company that keeps replacement parts for older models, rather than being forced into having to buy a whole new product because you can no longer get parts. I bought a dog door, aluminum which is on the higher end price wise about 12 years ago.  It has been through four large dogs as well as cats and small dogs..just this year the plastic flap finally feel off.  I could not find a replacement to fit, then I had the brilliant idea of seeing if the company that made the door still existed..idealpetproducts.com  don’t you just love the internet.. found Ideal Pets web site and easy as that was able to place my order saving me lots of money..received the product in just a few business days and it took me maybe 15 minutes to install the new piece..very easy instructions..will from now on go to their site for any more of my animal needs..thanks so much..Happy dog lover from Oregon..

Kristine, Oregon

I installed the door upon receipt in place of a older model of the same door which was on the order of 20 years old. I observed that the new door has some features that the old one did not have, like a more positive position of the latch. [My cat,] Lt. Louie took to it right away...We own a couple of your products as I have a big Maine Coon “Barn Cat” that lives in my work shop. His name is Trooper and he weighs in at 27 lb. I have the cat flap installed in the shop door for him.

We love your products.

Robert aka Maj. Bob, Virginia, Pet Door Giveaway Facebook contest winner

I want to tell you how pleased I am with the sash window cat door. I specifically wanted clear glass, as my kitty needs to see what's out there before she leaps. Yours was the only company I found that offered clear glass.

The door was easy to install and enough high quality weather stripping provided. I didn't realize the security kit came with, but we are thrilled to have it and my husband easily put it in.                                                                  

The cat needed a few days and lots of encouragement to go through the door, but she's doing it now on a regular basis. She was waking me up in the middle of the night to let her out. After a few days of showing her the cat door, I told her that she either needed to use the cat door at night or find a new home. She used the cat door that night and has ever since. We are a happy home thanks to the kitty door!


Diana, North Carolina

Thank you so much for your assistance in ordering another slide for our Ruff Weather extra large pet door. We installed this product about 4 years ago and are very happy with it. It is very well made; the vinyl flaps and magnetic closures are almost like new despite heavy use by our chocolate lab (she resembles the lab in your installation video). The only reason I'm ordering another slide is that we need 2 slides for use in winter weather events when winds regularly gust to 40 mph. Again, thanks for your help.

GREAT product!

Ruth, North Carolina

​Thank you for making such a wonderful pet product. I am 87 years old and didn't know if I could install the small pet door. I followed your instructions and lo and behold, had the door in place in less than an hour. My cat is still trying to get used to something new but with help she goes in and out.


Barbara, California

I just wanted to write a note to the Company. I wanted to say this product was perfect. I have bought the 23-1/2 " by 15" dog door. I have a 100# German long haired shepherd. I have no trees for shade at my house and he now can go in the house with AC from the back yard. He loves it and so do I. I don't have to worry about him while I'm at work.

Thanks so much,                     


Ritchie, Tennessee

​Thank you so much for your help and sending me out the product. [For] our next doggie door and all future dog products, your company will be the first website I go to to buy from. Thank you very much again.

Cindy, Australia

​Thank you so very much for the fast communication and great customer care!  Your kindness in sending me the appropriate replacement parts is profoundly appreciated!  My decision to purchase a pet door from Ideal Pet Products has been justified!  Thank you for making me feel good about the product I purchased and the company I purchased it from!

With Deepest Appreciation,

KD, Missouri

​My wife & I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent product. We had been looking for months for a Patio Dog door that would allow our 3 dogs easy access to the outside without keeping the door open all the time. We were getting ready to build our own when we bumped into your Patio Door. It was one of the best christmas gifts we’ve ever gotten ourselves. The magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap was a brilliant idea. It creates a seal nearly as good as a solid door. All that& remains now is to see how it holds up to 3-dog traffic over the months. But I'm not too worried, it seems to be holding up very well. Thanks again for making something "Ideal" for us our pets.

Kyle & Deborah, California

​My dogs love the door and I'm recommending it to all my friends that have dogs. We upgraded from an old single door of yours to the double (it gets cold here) and once the dogs figured out the two doors and airspace between they now go through it as easily as they did the old one. You folks make a great product!

Pete, Utah

​This is to let you know that my wife and I are "ecstatic" (no hyperbole here) with your product. Within 10 minutes of unpacking it, my wife, with me as an assistant, had the door installed! We are quite happy with the quality, the price, and especially the "simplicity of installation". Thank you for making this quality product available: It is just what we needed.

Wendall and Dawn, Florida

​Thank you so much for your fast response and I look forward to buying more Pet Products in the future ;because of your excellent customer service!

Suzette, California

​We recently purchased the Super Large Door for our two dogs. We installed it today and found that it was super easy to install! The instructions were clear and the parts fit together perfectly. The quality was very good. I will highly recommend your products to my friends.

Jesse, North Carolina

​Got the door already. It was at my front door this morning. Boy!! was that fast or what? I just replaced the old one. Perfect fit as excpected. It's Jake's first Christmas present, my eight year old pure bred Golden. He went outside and when he went to come in, he couldn’t figure out how he was seeing in the house through the new flap, but he figured it out. Too funny! Thanks for the quick service with your quality product.

Ken, California

​Just wanted to say MANY THANK YOU's. I received my replacement flap and magnet bar today fits perfectly and easy to replace door looks good as new many thanks for being so helpful on the phone and getting my part out fast your the best and the doors are the best on the market. Hope to deal with you again in the future.

Jeanne, California

​A follow up on my last email to you. I am a 65 year old woman that installed your Ruff Weather Medium Pet Door for my dogs Abbey and Lillie after watching your installation video. I must comment on not only the ease of the installation but the amazing quality of the product as well. There is NO DRAFT around the flaps. It's really nice to be happy about buying something that does all it says it does...Thanks!

Patt, Illinois

​I recently purchased a pet door to use with a sliding patio door. Unfortunately, I selected the wrong size. Ideal Pet worked with me to find the correct solution, providing excellent support. The door is a very good product and works well, even for our very small dogs. I would definitely purchase again, especially with the great product support.

Jeff, California

​It arrived today and I am writing to let you know what a great product I think this is. It is very well built, incredibly easy to install, and quite attractive looking. I had to get creative with regard to securing the window after I installed the sash as there is no room to install the sliding window pin included with it. (The window is in a little alcove with no room to spare.) A couple of 5/8" dowels cut to fit the channels above and I have no worries at all about anyone raising that window from the outside. (But I can flip them out quickly from the inside should the window be needed for emergency exit.) Kitty loves being able to come and go as she pleases. I love my happy kitty and being relieved of door duty - lol! Thanks!

Lorraine, California

​We recently installed your pet door on our deck that works with a sliding screen door. The pet flap is 7 x 11-1/4 for our 15 pound cat. The instructions were simple and everything fit precisely. Your training instructions (how to train your pet to use the flap) were perfect. Our cat learned to use the flap in 10 minutes and he loves it. Thanks for a quality product and I wish more people could hear about your wonderful products.

Carol, New York

​Thanks so much for the new Fast-Fit doggy door. Took me less than five minutes to replace. Should've done this five years ago. Fits and works perfectly - even the Wyoming wind won't blow it open!

Neal, Wyoming

​I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful product. I recently purchased one of your "Ruff Weather Pet Door", wall install, medium size and I could not be happier.It is the best. I had one of the "other" doors and your product is far superior. Thank you, thank you, thank you…My little dog is "Therapy Dog" and we volunteer at local libraries,hospitals etc. for children and I can tell you, he LOVES the door. Plus, your product does not let in "flies" etc. like the other door did. So again, thank you for a wonderful product, please keep up the great work.

Ali, Arizona

​I just received my replacement flap for my older pet door. I am beyond thrilled with this product, and how easy it was to put in. Thank you, and our dogs thank you too.

Diane, Arizona

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