Ideal Ruff-Weather™ Pet Door and Optional Wall Kits

Ideal Ruff-Weather™ Pet DoorThe All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

Whether you live and work in the Great Plains or North where the temperature plummets, or in the South-east or West where Summer is endless, the cost of energy has sky rocketed.

Ideal Pet has the answer with The Ruff-Weather Door's air pocket between 2 soft flaps, making it a great energy efficient insulator.

The Ruff-Weather series gives an air pocket of up to 3 inches between the 2 flaps in a dog door installation. And with the available wall tunnel kit, an air pocket of up to 9 inches.

Features include:

Door SizeFlap SizeModel
Small5" x 9 1/4"RWS
Medium7 1/4" x 13" RWM
Extra Large9 3/4" x 17"RWXL
Super Large15" x 23 1/2"RWSL

Demo Video

Installation Video

Flap Replacement Video

Ruff-Weather Door Optional Wall Kits

Allows your Ruff-Weather Door (Regular or Protector), to be installed into a wall from 4-3/4" - 7-1/4" thickness. Complete with hardware and detailed instructions.

Ideal Ruff-Weather™ Optional Wall Kit Ideal Ruff-Weather™ Optional Wall Kit
Door SizeModel
Medium RWMWK
Extra Large RWXLWK
Super Large RWSLWK

Demo Video

Installation Video

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