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5 Fluffiest Felines

When selecting a cat, we ask ourselves lots of questions. Is it friendly? Is it healthy? Can it use a litter box? Will it get along with my dog? But there’s one equally important inquiry that mustn’t be omitted…

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Gimme Shelter: 4 Reasons Adopted Cats are the Coolest Cats

June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month – but we think adopting a kitty is a good call any ole time. Not only are you gaining major karma points…

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What Does Your Pet Say About You?

When you finally choose between dog or cat, snake or bird…what does your decision suggest about you or your lifestyle? This compilation of studies…

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5 Reasons We Love Our Pets

May is National Pet Month! While we’re generally partial to commemorating special occasions with cake, we decided a more feasible way to celebrate furry friends with our far-away customers was…

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We Pawsitively Love Pawternity Leave

It’s finally happening: companies are starting to offer time off for humans who have recently adopted pets. Because if you’ve ever had a new puppy, you know the exhaustion is real…

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From Terrier to Setter: 7 Irish Dog Breeds

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it’d be fun to see which lucky breeds boast Irish heritage. Is your dog one of them?

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Did Our EZ Pass Door Ace the Beta Test?

We want to make sure our stuff is truly working for our customers – and their pets, too! That’s why we sent our newest product, the EZ Pass “Radio Frequency” Electronic Pet Door, all the way to Robert Baker in Wisconsin…

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All About Bunnies

We spend a lot of time focused on dogs and cats, but in honor of Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month we thought it would be fun to learn a bit more about these long-eared critters…

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It’s In the Stars: Pet Astrology

Admit it: You’ve spent at least a few minutes researching your zodiac sign. But have you ever wondered if astrology has an influence on your pet’s personality, too?

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What’s That, Pussycat? 5 Things Your Feline Wants to Say

The following situation has befallen many a cat owner…

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